About Radio Reversal

Radio Reversal is a radio show that subjects aspects of everyday life to historico-political, theoretical, cheeky, irreverent, high brow, low brow, eye brow, warm-hearted analysis. Our aim is to see the world more clearly, think about what we'd like it to become, and how we can make that happen. We think that discussing these sorts of ideas is one way to ease the lessen the alienation that affects many of us trying to make sense of a world that so often makes no sense of us. We also play loads of awesome music (sometimes thematic!) with great enthusiasm for requests and an emphasis on supporting local artists. It's fun!

4zzz's motto is Agitate, Educate, Organize.

4zzz's motto is Agitate, Educate, Organize.

Our Station

4ZZZ is one of the most unique independent community broadcasters in Australia, broadcasting a diverse range of programs 24 hours per day. The station began transmission on December 8 1975 as the first FM community broadcaster in Brisbane transmitting in stereo.

4ZZZ was established to provide a radical alternative to mainstream news, to promote a sense of engagement and activism in community life and to promote local and Australian music.

Throughout its history, 4ZZZ has been renowned for putting on live music gigs and events, providing strong community involvement and offering exceptional training services.

4ZZZ continues to support and advocate for musicians, artists and underground culture, providing radio access for community members and issues not often represented in the mainstream media. The radio station is supporter driven and run by a dedicated team of volunteers and announcers who chose their own music to broadcast (no play lists), which makes for diverse and interesting programming.

Community Broadcasting Association of Australia

An internationally recognised, not-for-profit cultural organisation, the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) champions community broadcasting by building stations’ capability and by creating a healthy environment for the sector to thrive. 

Radio Reversal is proud to have been a recipient of CBAA grant funding throughout 2015.




Anna Carlson
Executive Producer

Anna hitched a ride with the Radio Reversal caravan in early 2013, a collection of watercolour illustrations in her pocket and a battered Foucault/Deleuze tucked into her backpack. It's been quite a trip.

Anna is a community organiser, co-founder and organiser of the Brisbane Free University, current curator for the Roving Conspiracy pop-up gallery, and a freelance radio producer, illustrator, and writer. She is based in Brisbane, and is too scared of the cold to move to Melbourne.


Briohny Walker

Briohny is interested in a messy venn diagram of feminist philosophy, queer theory, ethics, education and radical re-conceptualisations of love. One of the founding members of Radio Reversal, Briohny is also a co-founder and organiser for Brisbane Free University. She likes drawing pictures and writing poetry, and most of all enjoys a bloody good chat.

Fern Thompsett

A long time audio nerd, Fern first got involved in community radio in 2010, when she hosted 'Waxing Lyrical', a spoken word and poetry-focused show on 4ZZZ fm. Along with Briohny, she co-founded Radio Reversal in 2012, and counts it amongst her favourite adventures to date. In her other lives, she is a co-founder and organiser of the Brisbane Free University, cultural anthropologist, folk-punk fiddle player, and dedicated ratbag.

Contributors and Alumnus

Stephanie Vidot
Former Producer

Stephanie joined Radio Reversal sometime in 2014. She has since moved to chilly Melbourne, and misses RR very much.

Carolina Caliaba
Former Producer

Carolina is now executive producer for the Outside In show on 4EB.

Thanks to Jonathan Sri, Dave Eden, and Max Chandler-Mather for their ongoing contributions to Radio Reversal!