The Commons

In this podcast (originally broadcast on 4ZZZ on 28.2.19) we are talking about 'the commons' - what and where are 'commons', and how can 'the commons' and projects of re-commoning help us craft more ecological sound and socially just modes of living together?

To do this we'll be playing/talking through materials from an event hosted last year at the Griffith University Ecocentre, where Tim Hollo presented his Griffith Review essay "The commons and the Commonwealth". We'll read through his essay (the audio recording was corrupted), and listen to some responses to Tim's essay, including one from the incredible Dr Mary Graham.


BONUS CONTENT I'll be ranting about how critiques of 'the commons' have a sordid history rooted in white supremacy. Enjoy!

Grief in the Anthropocene Part 1

Mid-2018 Anna and Nat did a mini-series on the grief in the Anthropocene - grief in capitalism, loss, ecological grief, extinction, and more. In this first show we dug into grief generally - we asked what is it, how do we understand it, how it moves in movements, how it moves us, and what are its politics and affects?

This series is a bit dark and heavy at times, but we’ll be thinking about care-full approaches to grief, how it operates between and across people and spaces and groups, and try and talk our way into modes of operating within grief that nourish hope & possibilities too.

Originally broadcast 14 June 2018, 10am-12pm on 4ZZZ 102.1FM.

Recordings from Brisbane's "Justice for Elijah" action, Wednesday July 26

These recordings are re-published here with permission.  

Voices include:
Ruby Wharton - Gamilaraay Kooma yinnar activist and organiser; Uncle Sam Watson - Jagera Elder, activist and educator;  Uncle Adrian Burragubba - Wangan & Jagalingou spokesperson and activist; Janine Kelly - Indigenous activist and organiser from Kalgoorlie and Kristy Lee - Indigenous activist, organiser and youth worker.

Radio Reversal - Crisis and Failure

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 6.24.52 pm.png

In this episode, Anna and Briohny dig deep into the sticky uncomfortable domain of crisis & failure. What does crisis feel like? What is a failure? Where do these concepts exist? How do we experience and understand them? When is it good for something to fail?

In attempts to answer (or at least confuse) these questions, we'll delve into queer theory of failure, talking about theorists such as Lauren Berlant and Jack Halberstam, reading some excerpts from Canadian poet Ivan Coyote, and talking and talking and talking. 

Radio Reversal - US Election Result

Jo and Max talk about Trump's historic victory and what it might mean. 

Note: the audio begins 2min into the show. Jo and Max begin by outlining the aim of the discussion - 'to try and see things as they are not what we wish them to be - to not engage in wish politics.' The show begins with Max quoting exit polls that show Trump increased his share of the African American, Asian and Latino vote as compared to Romney in 2012